Please take time to read and understand these rules as well as you can to avoid trouble with the staff.
Realize these are only the general rules. Each individual section has additional rules that we expect you to abide and follow by.


1. Please leave your comment when download, i just need your support to sharing another file.
2. There is ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING allowed. Reupload files; never take my download links.
3. Please Credit: when redistributing exclusive files.
4. Do NOT rush or force me in any way to upload faster! I have personal life too, and sometimes because of that shows may be post later, Or it will only make me cranky, pissed, and ultimately slower.
5. I try our best to post shows right after they are available, so – do NOT request show which has been already aired
6. Please read & abide by the notes in certain posts (music show posts, etc.)
7. Do NOT, under any circumstances, request for MF/MEGA/Google Drive links when torrent links are provided.
8. Do not HOTLINK the pictures we posted here, create new one by yourself.
9. You can use only Thai, English and Korean. Don’t other language, other languages will be ignored.


Punishment: Your ID or IP address will get banned.


Thanks for your support!